The L4L foundation is a local non-profit organization determined to help families and individuals fighting IBD by providing guidance and financial support.

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The L4L Foundation gives hope to families and individuals affected by IBD by bringing forth complementary methods of treatment, offering an outlet for communication about the disease, and sharing success stories. We hope that you are inspired to talk about IBD and what it is to live with the disease so that all affected will feel supported in their journey to overall health.

One goal of the L4L Foundation is to empower those affected by IBD through education. Knowing what complimentary treatments are available enables families and individuals to make informed decisions regarding treatment of IBD. In addition, we intend to bring public awareness about the disease itself so that others may understand what living with IBD entails.

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For many, living with IBD means living in isolation. The L4L Foundation understands the physical, emotional, and financial struggles that families and individuals experience, and how these stresses can impact daily life and add obstacles during your journey to health. L4L offers understanding and comfort to those affected by IBD through support, understanding,  and guidance.